Dental Emergencies

Midtown Dental Centre in Toronto provides immediate dental emergency care with same-day appointments.

Same Day Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can arise unexpectedly, and rapid intervention by your dentist can be crucial in preserving your teeth. At Midtown Dental Centre, we acknowledge that dental emergencies can affect even the healthiest individuals. That's why we maintain open slots in our appointment schedule and provide extended hours, ensuring we are always prepared to address dental emergencies promptly. The sooner we can deliver urgent dental treatment, the sooner we can alleviate your discomfort and restore your radiant, healthy smile.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies necessitating immediate attention may encompass oral injuries, severe mouth pain, broken dental restorations, lost teeth, chipped teeth, and more. If you are uncertain whether a particular issue qualifies as an emergency, we encourage you to reach out to us at Midtown Dental Centre. If any dental concern impacts your ability to speak, eat, remain comfortable, or maintain your quality of life, it is advisable to seek urgent dental care and address the problem without delay. Our proficient team is equipped to address a wide range of dental concerns with prompt, tailored treatment.

At Midtown Dental Centre, we are dedicated to delivering emergency dental care that is both expeditious and of exceptional quality. Our Toronto dental office provides immediate care to address the following conditions:

Tooth Pain

Persistent tooth pain may indicate a more severe dental issue. Our signature emergency assessments encompass a comprehensive consultation conducted by Dr. Ramlaggan.

Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

Knocked-out or broken teeth are not solely cosmetic concerns; if left untreated, they can lead to infections that may impact your overall health. If you or your child has experienced a cracked, knocked-out, or broken tooth, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Dealing with Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses are untreated infections that develop just below the gum line. During your emergency dentist appointment, Dr. Ramlaggan will examine the abscess and may recommend either an emergency tooth extraction or an emergency root canal, depending on the severity of the condition.

What to Do in Case of a Dental Injury In the event of common dental injuries such as avulsed, broken, or cracked teeth, there are steps you can take to minimize damage. If a tooth gets knocked out, attempt to collect any remaining parts of the tooth, store them in a container, and promptly take them to your emergency dentist. Soaking the tooth in milk until you reach our office can enhance the chances of saving the tooth. Upon your arrival, our dentist will make every effort to reposition it in the socket and determine the most appropriate treatment option.

In some dental emergency scenarios, you may experience persistent, throbbing mouth pain that does not subside even with medication. In such cases, contact or visit us at Midtown Dental Centre immediately. Our dentist will assist you in managing the pain and identifying the root cause of the emergency.

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